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We believe in giving top talent the opportunity to do the best & most creative work of their lives with full autonomy and support.

Our Mission:

Build the future of social interaction and experience to unlock deeper human connection.

We're doing it by enabling creators to build games and experiences that attract and connect millions of people in our virtual universe.

Our Values

Be Ambitious
We measure success by the depth of our impact. We're not interested in incremental growth; we charge towards massive leaps achieved through fast-paced learning and execution. We’re about making substantial changes, not just slight adjustments.
Be Fast
With an MVP testing mindset, we embrace uncertainty as an opportunity to learn. We propose hypotheses, build, test, stumble, learn, and continue advancing. In times of certainty, methodical strategies guide us. We move fast, fueled by the excitement of transforming unknowns into knowns and the process of exploration.
Be an Owner
We operate as owners, not tenants. An owner anticipates and mitigates problems, capitalizes on opportunities, and invests with foresight. Owning means embracing the long game, seeing the fruits of our labor over time. Tenancy often involves a short-term focus, overlooking the potential of building a lasting legacy.
Be Curious
To us, curiosity is the gateway to learning, pushing boundaries, and seeking clarity in the face of uncertainty. We balance exploration with exploitation, intuitively knowing when to inquire and when to implement. It's about recognizing when to foster curiosity and when to channel conviction.
Be Player Focused
We exist to serve our users. Our creations stem from their needs, not our desires. This commitment drives us to empathize and step into the users' shoes, shaping our development approach.
Be a Team Player
Our environment is not zero-sum. Every triumph of one is a triumph for all, and every setback for one is felt by all. Our focus is on collective collaboration, where individuals unite their talents and efforts to achieve mutual success, propelling our company forward.

Working at PocketWorlds

We are a global community of trailblazers, dreamers, and game-changers committed to transforming the the way people connect. Join us in shaping the future.
Work Anywhere
We believe talent can be found all over the world. We were a fully-remote company before COVID because of this truth. We have team members around the globe, in places like Austin, Zagreb, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, and more. We encourage everyone to work at defined times when they do their best work while balancing team collaboration, and all team members receive generous workspace stipends.
Massive Impact
We serve millions of users and thousands of creators. Join us on our mission to revolutionize social interaction, experience, and connection by enabling creators to build immersive worlds and earn an income while doing it. At Pocket Worlds, you have the opportunity to directly impact the lives of millions of people.
Transparency & Ownership
To truly be an owner, we believe that one must have skin in the game. That's why we default to offering meaningful equity packages. We also prioritize data transparency - all product metrics and data are available and shared internally. We host monthly All Hands meetings to keep the entire company engaged and informed.
Inclusive Benefits
We offer 8 weeks of fully paid parental leave for any team member who becomes a parent, as well as comprehensive medical benefits (covering 70% of the premium for US team members). We also cover a $50 fitness allowance.
Team Building & Connection
Despite being fully remote, we deeply value our work relationships. That's why we host annual retreats to meet face-to-face, and offer a $25 per person monthly event and activity team building stipend.
Grow With Us
We are lifelong learners, and encourage everyone at Pocket Worlds to develop their skills and knowledge with a $1000/year budget for programs, certifications, and learning materials.
“At Pocket Worlds, ownership, curiosity, and ambition define us. Our culture empowers employees to take initiative, contribute to growth, and continually learn. We push boundaries, setting audacious goals. It's an honor to work for a company that encourages embodying these values daily.”
Growth Marketing Manager
“Highrise has redefined connection and tackled isolation, particularly during lockdowns. It's fulfilling as an employee to create virtual spaces where positivity thrives. We've nurtured global belonging, overcoming geographical barriers. Knowing our efforts shape a vibrant, inclusive online community is rewarding.”
Mr. Designer
"At PocketWorlds, ideas are shared and valued. It's invigorating to see great ideas turn into action quickly, sparking constant innovation. If you seek a workplace where your views count and your team supports you, PocketWorlds is ideal."
Principal Unity Engineer
“I'm grateful to be part of Pocket Worlds, alongside passionate, excellence-driven colleagues. A proud achievement is initiating monthly Highrise meetings, fostering unity, alignment, and mission connection. Seeing the positive effect on employee morale validates my contribution to our success.”
Head of People Ops

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